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with a Time and Attendance System

For small businesses, investments in time and attendance solutions are not a primary business priority compared to customer retention or growing the customer base. The time and attendance systems being utilized at small businesses can lead an unwillingness to switch to a more efficient and cost-effective system despite obvious financial advantages. The switching costs that come with a new system pale in comparison to the money lost using outdated and inefficient time tracking methods.

Businesses can save on annual payroll expenses with an automated time and attendance system. For example, Wasp Barcode’s RFID Time Clock allows workers with a unique ID badge to simply pass near an RF reader to clock in or out. Similarly, the Biometric Time & Attendance system can track arrivals, departures, breaks, and meals with just the press of a finger.

Moving to an automated time tracking system can improve your bottom-line.

5 areas your company will see reductions

Recording Hours

Calculation Hours

Wasted Resources

Legal Issues

Stress & Health Related Costs

In many ways, we’ve allowed the convenience and efficiency of technology to change the way we communicate and conduct business in the work place. Time and attendance tracking systems are one of the last bastions of the old guard, and for a small business, the financial ramifications of staying with what is comfortable — but time-consuming, expensive, wasteful and stressful — versus an automated system could be the difference between success and failure. Put your money back towards client retention and acquisition and away from maintaining an outdated process

What type of attendance and tracking process does your business use?

How would purchase a time and attendance system speed up daily operations for your business?

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