Mobile Computers


Benefits of Handheld Mobile Computers

In today’s fast paced world, workers don’t need to be in the office to be productive.  Mobile computing devices allow these individuals to choose a work location instead of the task determining where work is completed.  Currently, smartphones, tablets, and mobile computers are the most common devices used.

There are significant benefits in allowing employees to use mobile devices.  The increased flexibility mobile computing offers results in more productive employees.  A high percentage of small business owners believe incorporating mobile applications into their work processes see significant results in increased productivity, reduction in paperwork and increase in revenue.


Real-Time Remote Access to Centralized data

Help employees can achieve their work responsibilities

Guarantees Better Customer Service and Support

Improve Efficiency

Increase Productivity

Grow Revenues

Customer Satisfaction

By increasing both flexibility and productivity, employees are able to provide greater customer satisfaction more quickly, meeting the needs and demands of your customers.  And it’s vitally important to your continued success to keep your customers happy.  Unhappy or frustrated customers don’t come back, will not do business with your company again after a poor experience, and it’s more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep one.

Wasp’s line of mobile computers allow you to increase your warehouse flexibility and productivity by reducing the time it takes to scan in new inventory or complete cycle counts.

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